This is a  collection of the highest caliber professional hypnotists, both on stage and in the clinical office.  Learn in a safe compassionate environment to grow your career! 
Feb 9-11, 2018 at the Binions Casino in Las Vegas.

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Feb 9-11 2018
Binions Gambling Hall
Las Vegas, NV
  1. Feb 9
    Noon - 7:30pm
    Noon - 7:30pm
    Registration starts at 10:30am in the Binions Longhorn Room Clinical Class will be in the Longhorn Room Stage Classes will be in the Lepine-Goldman Theater
  2. Feb 10
    10am - 6pm
    10am - 6pm
    Clinical Class will be in the Longhorn Room Stage Classes will be in the Lepine-Goldman Theater
  3. Feb 11
    10am - 2pm
    10am - 2pm
    Clinical Class will be in the Longhorn Room Stage Classes will be in the Lepine-Goldman Theater
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   FRIDAY                                          SATURDAY                                    SUNDAY

FRIDAY 10:30am
Registration in the Longhorn room

Sat 10am-11am Longhorn Room
Dr Kenneth Kern
How Hypnosis Can Help Cancer Patients


Sun 10am - Noon Longhorn Room
Richard Nongard
Contextual Hypnosis

Pick up your badges and information.  Meet each other and prepare for a great weekend.
What you will learn: 
Is regression-to-cause bullshit? Is the search for the ISE just a way to “blame the victim” when clients don’t make change? What does the research say about regression? And, if it is bullshit, what is the alternative?
In this course, you will learn an evidenced-based approach to hypnotherapy, and learn to discard old approaches based on anecdote, tradition and in some cases ignorance of what the research actually shows.
 At the conclusion of this course you will know both the theory and the techniques of a modern approach to hypnosis. You will actually get to experience some of these techniques in this class, so that you can experience them for yourself!
 You will know the peer reviewed citations that demonstrate the methods you learn are highly effect. Best of all, you will leave this course with confidence that the interventions and suggestion you use will truly help the clients who come to you for help.
What you will learn: 
An introduction as to how the hypnotherapist can optimally assist the cancer patient during the “cancer lifecycle”,including diagnostic, treatment, and post-diagnostic phases. This lecture will provide the following learning objectives to the audience:
(1) Understand the major components of cancer care that are not adequately
addressed by the medical model.
(2) Identify specific areas of cancer care amenable to improvement by suggestions delivered in trance.
(3) Help patients identify and utilize use their own unconscious resources to improve their well-being before, during, and after the active treatment of cancer.

Proof of Knowledge: 
Dr. Kenneth A. Kern, MD, MPH, MS, FACS is a physician, former cancer surgeon,cancer research physician (pharmaceutical medicine), and hypnotherapist with background and training in specialized cancer care. He has analyzed the components of cancer care that might be highly amenable to hypnotherapeutic
approaches, based upon his own experience in the real world treatment of malignant disease.

NOON-1pm Longhorn Room
Ethics As A Career Builder

Stage and Clinical

10am -11am Theater
Marc Savard
Walking Through A Routine

10am-11am Theater
Seth Yudolf
Getting an Agent

What you will learn:  How good ethics will increase you stage and clinical practice and how poor ethics will jeopardize your career as well as decrease sales.

Proof of knowledge:

William Arendell William Arendell, LCSW has over 20 years’ experience in private practice and in residential facilities.  He is recognized as an expert in social work by the Supreme Court of Louisiana.  He also regularly referrers others for different types of treatments.

Kevin Lepine:  Kevin not only performs nightly in Vegas but performs and different types of events worldwide.  Kevin also hires and refers entertainers for events regularly.
What you will learn:  What do booking agents look for from talent and what material do you need to have ready to get an agent.

Proof of knowledge:  Seth Yudof is the owner of the UD Factory and Scarlett Entertainment.  Booker of worldwide events he is also the manager for Blues Traveler, Plain White Tees and others.

1pm-3pm Longhorn Room
Tips to Deal WIth Difficult Patients

Marc will be going step by step through one of the routines he does nightly.  Describing the small details that make it happen and allow his personality to shine through.

11am -1pm Longhorn Room
William Arendell
Killing Cravings

11am-Noon Theater
Marc Savard
Writing A New Routine

What you will learn:  Three top level therapists will take you through tips and tricks they have used to get through and induce difficult patients.

Proof of Knowledge:
William Arendell LCSW, Masters Degree from ASU, former clinical director for Bridge House, currently owns his own full time practice in New Orleans.
Richard Nongard
Scott Sandland
What you will learn:
The basics on how the tell the difference between different types of substance abusers.
Ways to eliminate cravings in their clients.
How to teach the clients to eliminate their own cravings.

Proof of knowledge:  William Arendell, LCSW  has over 20 years experience treating substance abuse both in private practice and in residential facilities.  He is recognized as an expert in social work by the Supreme Court of Louisiana where he has testified on substance abuse.

Marc will be talking about how he would develop a new routine and get it ready to go into his show.

12pm - 1pm Longhorn Room
Scott Sandland
State Change Isn't Lasting Change

1pm-2pm Theater
Kevin Lepine
Safety Over All Else

11am-1pm Theater
Kellie Karl
Building a Stage Persona


What you will learn:  Why safety is either a huge career builder and how the lack of basic safety will end your career.

Proof of knowledge:  Kevin has been performing in Vegas nightly for 7+ years.  He has also performed for schools, clubs and clorporate events worldwide.  He has been rebooked often by clients based on his ethics and the care he shows to his volunteers.
What you will learn:  How to create, develop, personalize and sustain a successful stage persona to enhance your performance so you can truly call your show your own.
How to analyze what you say to what you wear, to what you do and why you are doing it so you can captivate your audience easily and effortlessly.

Proof of knowledge: Kellie Karl has produced, choreographed and performed in shows for corporate events and casinos. She is also a regular performer on cruise ships worldwide with her hypnosis show.
What you will learn:
Clients are real people with real lives.  It often takes more than future pacing and giving them an anchor to create long term results in the midst of the various factors that exist outside your office.  Recognize the difference between marketing claims related to success rates and actual clinical work that will stand up to scrutiny.

Proof of Knowledge:
Scott’s work on staff in a dental office contractually required him to do 6, 12, and 18 month follow ups on all his clients for the first five years he was in practice.  In those first five years, and in the ten more since then, Scott has worked in numerous offices that track long term outcomes.

Noon - 2pm Theater
Walking Through My Show

2pm-3pm Theater
Emily Lauren Lepine
Working With Assistants

1 pm-2pm Lunch

What you will learn:  How to effectively hire and work with an assistant. 
What an assistant needs to know to boost your performance.

Proof of knowledge:  Emily has been an assistant in Hypnosis Unleashed for over 5 years.  Shealso runs lights and sound in the show and aides in the induction process.  Emily was also intramental in desging the Lepine-Goldman Theater.
What you will learn:
Step by step real time review of my show.
How I do what I do
Why I do what I do
The choices I make.

Proof of Knowledge:
Kevin has been headlinging in Las Vegas for 7 years.  He is a multi time award winner and also headlines corporate events and comedy clubs with repeat bookings.

1pm - 2pm Longhorn Room
William Arendell

3pm-4pm Theater
Emily Lauren Lepine
Generating Material Through Improv

2pm-4pm Longhorn Room
Scott Sandland
Addiction Treatment

What you will learn:  This is an on-your-feet workshop, not a lecture. We will be using improv techniques to generate hypnosis routines. You will leave this class with ideas for new material as well as tools to continually develop more.

Proof of knowledge:  Emily has been an assistant in Hypnosis Unleashed for over 5 years.  She also runs lights and sound in the show and aides in the induction process.  Emily was also instramental in desging the Lepine-Goldman Theater. She has 2 degrees in Performance, one of which specialized in creating new material.
What you will learn:
How applying NLP and Ericksonian hypnosis processes to the 12 Step model dramatically helps empower the client.  Brief discussion will include the hypnotists role as a member of the treatment team and an insight into the landscape of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Proof of Knowledge:
Scott has worked as an independent contactor with eight different drug rehab centers over the last twelve years.  In 2016 he and his staff ran over 40 hours a week of sessions on location in both in-patient and out-patient rehab programs.  Scott has worked with thousands of clients and worked with dozens of case managers in the field of addiction
More than tips or tricks for hard cases, Will is going to pick several cases from those in attendance and go in depth. Bring the case that is frustrating or a skill you learned at the seminar that you are not sure how to integrate and discuss these in a non-judgmental and learning friendly environment. One of the most important skills a therapist can have is how to incorporate new skills into their practice. If time permits, Will is also going to teach methods for easily folding new skills into your practice.  

3pm-4pm Longhorn Room
Dr Kenneth Kern
Malpractice Against Hypnotists & How toAvoid Them


2pm -3pm Theater
Nadeen Manuel
Your First 5 Minutes

2pm -3pm Longhorn Room

Last chance for everyone to get together, ask questions and say farewell til next time!
This 60 minute lecture will cover several topics associated with hypnotic errors, including
(1) Implantation of false memories;
(2) Aggravation of Dissociative Identity Disorder leading to depression and suicide;
(3) Theft; and
(4) Sexual abuse during hypnosis.
At the end of the lecture the attendees will achieve the following learning objectives:
(1) Understand the most frequent errors made by clinical hypnotists leading to psychological and physical injury to patients during hypnotherapy;
(2) Understand in general terms the civil justice system an how malpractice suits compensate victims of injury;
(3) Learn how to avoid the 5 common errors leading to malpractice in hypnotherapy;
Proof of Knowledge:  Dr. Kenneth A. Kern, MD, MPH, MS, FACS is a physician, former cancer surgeon, cancer research physician, and clinical hypnotherapist interested in studying malpractice lawsuits to help prevent medical errors. He has published 12 peer-reviewed medical articles, 4 book chapters, and a textbook on common errors leading to malpractice involving breast cancer, colon cancer, head and neck surgery, and endocrine surgery. He has applied this same methodology to malpractice involving hypnotherapy to help hypnotherapists decrease the chances for significant errors while treating clients, and subsequent lawsuits.

What you will learn:  What you will learn:  How the first 5 minutes of your show sets the bar for your show.  How the very beginning will dictate how the audience will respond to you and open you up for opportunities or close the door on you.

Proof of knowledge: Nadeen has performing on cruise ships for the last 10 years.  Besides the consistent bookings, her seminars have set an industry high mark for success.

3pm -4pm Theater
Nadeen Manuel
Pitching Yourself From The Stage


What you will learn:  How even in a comedy show, you can create moments to pitch yourself for future opportunities.  Be it seminars, products or even other shows.

Proof of knowledge:  Nadeen has performing on cruise ships for the last 10 years.  Besides the consistent bookings, her seminars have set an industry high mark for success.

4pm-6pm Longhorn Room
Martin Stig Castor Peterson

Script Killing Hypnosis

4pm-5pm Longhorn Room
Scott Sandland/William Arendell
Topic: Getting Referrals

What you will learn: 
How to facilitate powerful hypnosis sessions without knowing too much about the clients problem, and without any script and preparation.
How to get even more success doing exactly that, and create one session wonders.
How to look even more professional with this “Cut the BS” structure.
You will learn two inductions called POC & CERI that will hypnotize client, and leave them even more ready for therapy than most other old fashioned inductions.
Collapse Technique that will deal with any trauma, PTSD or similar in one go.
Dream Self Finisher - Layers of methods that will leave your client tested, ready, empowered and with even more resources than you thought was possible.

Proof of knowledge:
Taught in more than 16 countries
Performed in more than 13
CEO, Founder and Chief Instructor


Besides teaching Martin still sees clients on a regular basis.

World leading hypnotists endorces me.
Here is John Overdurf, Igor Ledochowski, Larry Elman:

What you will learn:  How to build referral relationship with other therapists and your current clients.

Proof of knowledge:  Both Scott and Will have full time clinics and work with multiple therapists both referring for clients and getting referrals for their clinics

5pm-6pm Longhorn Room
Martin Stig Castor Peterson
Topic: Landing High End Clients

Getting high end clients is something most therapists dream of. Clever sales people love to tell you the "hidden secrets" or step by step sequence to land the big paying clients. It doesn’t exist in an easy setup like that.

From my 20 years in the business, I have heard numerous of people selling their insights on how to land the clients that pays the big money. Most only had a few to one client like that.  The rest ware just selling a "bullet proof setup" that has nothing to do with how to land a high end client.
It can be a long and winding road, but there are shortcuts through hard work. That is what I will share with you: How I landed my first high end clients, and continue to do so worldwide.

From both client referrals and the large speaking jobs that will get you those clients.
This is my road to getting there, no secrets I won’t share.  Authentic, sincere and verifiable results to get you to the practice you want to have.

Proof of Knowledge:  Martin regularly sees clients both in office and online  at up to thouands of dollars per session.  He has shown not only booking of such clients but regular re-bookings and referrals at that price

4pm-6pm Ask Us Anything Panel
Kevin Lepine/Kellie Karl/Nadeen Manuel

4pm-5pm Theater
Richard Barker
Getting Your Press Releases Read and Getting on Media

What you will learn:  A 2 hour panel where you can us 4 of the busiest workers today anything about how/why we do what we do
What you will learn:  How to construct a proper press release.  How to send it ou, and ways to maximize the potential of it been read and acted upon.

Proof of expertise:  Richard Barker has been on both The Today Show and the Late Late show.  He has been published in multiple newsstand magazines, online and featured on local news and nedia across the country.

5pm -6pm Theater
Kevin Lepine/Richard Barker
Marketing To Different Venues


Booking a fair is different then booking a college which is different then booking comedy clubs and corporate events or cruise ships.  Learn what marketing materials you need for each venue and why!

Proof of expertise:  Kevin not only headlines in Vegas but still plays in multiple COmedy Clubs, colleges and just singed a 10 show corporate contract for 2018.

Richard performs at multiple fairs (with one of the highest price shows in that market) and does corporate events, colleges and cruise ships regularly.