This is a  collection of the highest caliber professional hypnotists, both on stage and in the clinical office.  Learn in a safe compassionate environment to grow your career! 
Feb 9-11, 2018 at the Binions Casino in Las Vegas.

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Learn from those who do it and can
prove their results!
Our goal at the NO B.S. HYPNOSIS CONVENTION is to bring you the best inthe business today.  This is hypnotists who are walking the walk, not just talking the talk.  This is hypnotists with tangible proven track records and results that you can learn from.

All of our speakers are chosen for very specific topics.  Topics they successfully work in. 
Each speaker has had to prove not just what they want to speak about but why they are an expert.  They have had to provide proof and records to show they don't just talk about it lecture about it, they do it!
On the speakers page you will be able to see each speaker and their topic.  Included there is proof and verified facts to back up why they are qualified to speak on their topic.
Our stage and clinical speakers have been chosen this why because we want you to know you are learning from an expert.  We need you to be able to ask questions and get answers, not guesses.
Our speakers are here to teach you, not sell you on other trainings.  Each speaker's topic has a "what you will learn" description.  This is what you will learn.  Each speaker must devote 45min out of each 50min topic teaching, not selling!  To many times we have heard a speaker do an infomercial instead of teaching.  Not here.  At the NO B.S. HYPNOSIS CONVENTION you will have the opportunity to learn.

Come and join us, stage and clinical hypnotists.  Learn, network, grow and develop with some of the best our industry has to offer!