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Scott Sandland
Topics:  Tricks for Problem Patients Panel
                  Getting Referrals From Therapists
                  Addictions Treatment
                  State Change Isn't Lasting Change

Proofof knowledge: 
Scott Sandland is a trusted and highly respected professional in the field of hypnotherapy. In addition to working on staff in local medical, dental, and drug rehabilitation offices, Scott has a private practice in Newport Beach, California.

Scott has worked with many clinicians in the fields of pain control and
addictions. His success has lead to a position on the board of directors
for the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association and a
chapter presidency for the International Association of Counselors and
Therapists. With his commitment to continued education for himself and
his peers, Scott is a Mentor for members of the International Medical
and Dental Hypnotherapy Association.

Dr. Kenneth Kern
Topics: 1-  How Hypnosis Can Help Cancer Patients 
                 2- Malpractice Against Hypnotists&Avoiding Them

Proof of Knowledge: 
Dr. Kenneth A. Kern, MD, MPH, MS, FACS is a physician, former cancer surgeon,
cancer research physician, and clinical hypnotherapist interested in studying
malpractice lawsuits to help prevent medical errors. He has published 12 peer-
reviewed medical articles, 4 book chapters, and a textbook on common errors
leading to malpractice involving breast cancer, colon cancer, head and neck surgery,
and endocrine surgery. He has applied this same methodology to malpractice
involving hypnotherapy to help hypnotherapists decrease the chances for
significant errors while treating clients, and subsequent lawsuits.
William Arendell
Topics:  Tricks for Problem Patients Panel
                  Killing Cravings
                  Ethics as a Career Builder
                  Getting Referrals
Proof of knowledge:
William Arendell, LCSW  has over 20 years experience treating substance abuse both in private practice and in residential facilities.  He is recognized as an expert in social work by the Supreme Court of Louisiana where he has testified on substance abuse.  His career began working with the homeless in soup kitchens in downtown Detroit. While he was an undergraduate, he designed treatment protocols and implemented a study in conjunction with Oakland University’s Department of Psychology using neurofeedback and group therapy to treat clients who resided in homeless shelters and suffered from addictions.  Seventy percent reported no drug use after completion of the program as verified by independent drug tests and 50% were sober after one year, with no other adjective treatment. After getting his Masters from Arizona State University in social work, Will then went to work at Bridge House, one of the largest residential treatment centers in Louisiana, where he helped to rebuild that program after Hurricane Katrina.
He now runs his own private practice in New Orleans.

Martin Stig Castor Peterson
Topics:  Script Killing Hypnosis
                  Landing High End Clients
Receiver of IHF’s Award of Excellence of International Education 2013.
Certified HNLP & NLP Trainer
Certified Trainer in Brain-basedLeadership & Training
Certified NLP Practitioner & Master NLP Practitioner.
Certified Master Hypnotherapist.
Certified Transformational Leadership Consultant.
Certified Executive & Professional Life Coach.
Certified clinical hypnotherapist.
Certified Conversational Hypnotherapist.
Certified Ericksonian Hypnotherapist.
Instructor of: Body language, mindfullness, self hypnosis & advanced Hypnotherapy & communication
Certified Instructor by: IAHNLP, ISAHt, IAPHCH, IACT, ISHF, IHF, DEHI
Worked with hypnosis since 1998
• Teaching Internationally (Hypnosis and more) in Greece, Austria, Holland, Germany, Great Britain, USA, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Greenland, Ireland, Spain and Italy
• Hypnosis shows in Denmark, Norway, England, USA, Greenland, Austria, Germany & Greece.
• Clients from Portugal, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Canada, England, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Croatia and more.
• Appeared on numerous TV shows and Radio both as host and guest. To mention one, worked as consultant on the Award winning Danish TV show “Messing with your mind”
Richard Nongard
Topics:  Contextual Hypnotherapy
                  Tricks for Problem Patients Panel
Proof of knowledge: 
Dr. Richard K. Nongard is among the most qualified professionals in the Southwest, and has authored many books, videos and professional educational materials, including hypnosis textbooks. He holds advanced degrees on both Religion and Counseling, and has been trained in the USA, Canada and Europe.
Dr. Nongard has completed his Doctorate in Transformational Leadership with a concentration in cultural transformation through Bakke Graduate University. BGU is a nationally accredited university, accredited by an accreditor which is recognized by both the United States Department of Education (USDOE) and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). This can be verified at this link: